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Awesome Tips on Organizing Your Engagement Party

The next thing you would think about after saying “yes” to your boyfriend is planning your engagement party to celebrate the good news with your family and friends. Organizing such party can be challenging and almost as stressful as  planning your wedding day.

So to help you out, check out the following great tips.

1. Choose a nice but less complicated theme.

Just like wedding parties, engagement parties are also nice with a theme. You can plan your party in a way that it comes in sync with your upcoming wedding party. So, by this time, you should already in mind a wedding party theme so you will have a basis for your engagement party theme. Engagement parties do not have to be as grand as wedding parties, so make yours a bit simpler than your wedding party.

2. Make a guest list.

There are several approaches to making a guest list for engagement parties: 1. You can have the same guest list for your engagement party and wedding party. 2. Invite only close family members and close friends for your engagement party and invite more family and friends for your wedding party. 3. The opposite of #2.  4. Invite whoever you like on your engagement party and less on your wedding party.

3. Consider your budget.

You know you have a bigger party coming up. So, if you and your husband-to-be are planning to pay for the whole cost for your wedding, you might want to consider making your engagement party less costly but still fun and memorable.

4. Consider hiring party supplies.

If you are thinking of a relatively huge engagement party, consider hiring party supplies in Sydney. Doing so will shorten your list of to-dos. A party hire company can do a lot of things for you. Everything you will need for your engagement party can be supplied to you. This will spare you from additional stress. If you are planning on a night party, consider party lights hire. Lights make a lot of difference and elevate the mood of your party.

Whether your engagement party is huge or just a simple one, remember that what’s more important is having your family and friends celebrate this wonderful moment with you.


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